A Dragons Dying Breath

Session 2
Session 1.1
Fight or flight

Lizard Men, Pirates, and Slavers OH MY!
The ship has wrecked ashore, set upon by pirates and lizard men. Our daring adventurers free themselves from their chains, meet a golden dragon lady, and come together to fight for their lives and their freedom… What adventures lie before them, and what perils snap at their heels?

Session 1
No Man's Screams

With a crack of his whip, a creature, more ogre than man, bellows an order “lower your oars, maggots!” and the drums begin to beat. With the next whip crack, the creature roars “Come about starboard!” With the maneuver completed the creature cracks his whip and roars one last order “Ramming speed! Let’s see what you dogs are made of!” as the tempo of the drum beat rises, the ship lurches forward, moving faster and faster with each passing second. Suddenly from above deck you hear a gruff voice yell “BRACE FOR IMPACT!”… The last thing you remember hearing are the sounds of splintering wood and clashing steal. What you don’t hear are the screams of the dying, for the fathomless depths release no man’s screams.


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